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Job Accommodation Network (JAN)

JAN helps employers recognize the valuable contributions that qualified workers with disabilities add to the workforce by providing accommodation solutions, trusted strategies, and practical guidance on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

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Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency (GVRA)

Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency helps people with disabilities find and maintain employment.

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Department of Driver Services (DDS)

The Department of Driver Services helps you obtain, renew, or replace learner's permits, ID cards, and licenses.

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Social Security Administration (SSA)

The United States Social Security Administration is an independent agency of the U.S. federal government that administers Social Security, a social insurance program consisting of retirement, disability and survivor benefits.

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Department of Labor (DOL)

The Department of Labor administers federal labor laws to guarantee workers' rights to fair, safe, and healthy working conditions, including minimum hourly wage and overtime pay, protection against employment discrimination, and unemployment insurance.

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Georgia Department of Education (DOE)

The Georgia Department of Education oversees public education throughout the state, ensuring that laws and regulations pertaining to education are followed.

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WRG Careers - We're Hiring

We're Hiring!

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Wiregrass Resources is always looking for qualified and passionate Employment Specialists to augment our existing team to provide Supported Employment services. Our Employment Specialists focus on our core services, where they assist our participants with resume development, job applications and searches, interview skills and career counseling to help them find meaningful employment.

Apply Now!

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