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Traditional Supported Employment (TSE)  Customized Supported Employment (CSE)

WRG Participant Gabriel working at Lowe's

Wiregrass Resource Group offers Supported Employment services to help individuals with significant disabilities find and maintain competitive jobs in integrated settings. Our program provides intensive and ongoing support to ensure your success, including job coaching, learning job duties, and understanding workplace behaviors.


We offer two main service models: Traditional Supported Employment and Customized Supported Employment. Additionally, we collaborate with Project Search internship sites to provide even more opportunities. With Supported Employment, you can achieve independence and build a fulfilling career.

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Traditional Supported Employment (TSE) is a program designed to help youth and adults with disabilities find and keep competitive jobs. Our individualized services consider your strengths, interests, and preferences to match you with a suitable position. Throughout the five phases of TSE, you’ll receive support from a team of professionals. This includes identifying your needs and goals, searching for jobs, providing on-the-job coaching, and helping you adjust to the workplace. As you gain confidence and independence, the level of support will gradually decrease until you successfully transition to long-term employment.

Traditional Employment Services
Customized Employment Services

The process involves four main steps:

Customized Supported Employment (CSE) is a service designed to help individuals with disabilities find and maintain competitive integrated employment. It uses a person-centered approach, focusing on the individual's strengths, interests, and preferences. 

Discovery: identifying ideal work conditions

Customized Employment Planning: using discovery results to develop a plan

Job Development and Negotiation: finding a job that meets both the employer's and the individual's needs

Ongoing Supports: providing assistance after job placement

This process is delivered through seven phases, CSE ensures successful employment outcomes by tailoring the entire process to the individual and the employer.

WRG TSYS #ProjectSearch 2023 Graduates

In collaboration with Project Search programs, Wiregrass Resource Group supported employment services 

meet each persons needs and ensure's their success by creating a supportive and empowering path to employment.


Two time award recipient for
100% Placement with Project Search

WRG TSYS #ProjectSearch 2023 Graduates
WRG TSYS #ProjectSearch 2023 Graduates
WRG Two time award recipient for 100% Placement TSYS #ProjectSearch
WRG brand color copper
WRG Emblem
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