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Marc Reed BS, RN
Georgia Regional Manager
Employment Specialist

Cell Phone: 478-957-6260
Lynn Reed WRG
Lynn Reed MBA, BS, CPAR
HR Specialist
Central Business Office

Cell Phone: 478-808-7516
Lauren Turner WRG
Lauren Turner BA
West Georgia
Employment Specialist

Cell Phone: 229-352-7725
Pam McKinney WRG
Pam McKinney AS
Account Specialist
Central Business Office
Erin Starke Head Shot
Erin Starke B.S. Ed. Special Education
Central Georgia
Employment Specialist
Erin Starke Head Shot
Ciera King BS, AS
Northeast Georgia
Employment Specialist
We have Employment Specialist and Career Specialist committed to providing dedicated and knowledgeable service throughout the South, Southeast, Central & West counties of Georgia.

We have been consistently expanding our services over that last year to meet the high demands for Supported Employment Services throughout the State. And, we have Specialist strategically placed to meet the needs of the VR Offices.
Call Us: 844-947-4727

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Employment Specialist

Wiregrass Resources is always looking for qualified and passionate Employment Specialists to augment our existing team to provide Employment and Supported Employment services. Our Employment Specialists are focused on our core services, where they assist our customers with Resume Development, Job applications & searches, Interviewing skills and Career counseling to help them find meaningful Employment.

If you are interested in pursuing a career as an Employment Specialist, or have questions regarding the requirements, please send your resume and/or questions to